EN Group

Employees: 10,0000

Revenue: US$13.7 billion (2010)

Country: Russia

En+ Group is a Russia-based diversified mining, metals and energy group, founded in 2002 by Oleg Deripaska. En+ Group holds a 47.41% stake in the world's largest alumina and aluminium producer UC RUSAL, and owns EuroSibEnergo PLC (one of the world's largest hydro generation companies and largest Russian independent power producer) and SMR (one of the world's largest ferromolybdenum producers). 

En+ Group projects include coal and uranium mining, nuclear power, aluminium downstream, metallurgy and CO2 emissions trading. The core base of En+'s businesses is located in Eastern Siberia, close to fast growing Asian markets. En+ Group's consolidated revenues for 2010 were US$ 13.7 billion, and it currently employs over 100,000 people.

The company believes that innovation lies at the heart of successful business development, and therefore strives for increased returns through innovation in all the group's activities, whether that be in assessing acquisitions, developing projects or the ongoing management of its existing businesses.

In March, 2011 En+ Group joined The Climate Group, where it will help build climate change leadership and tackle other environmental issues through support of core programs, in particular focusing on accelerating use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in industrial centers. The China Redesign partnership will allow The Climate Group and En+ to work together to bring best practice in greenhouse gas reducing technology into industrial centers in Asia.

  • Current activities

    Responsible environmental management is one of En+ Group’s primary strategic priorities. En+ Group's significant hydropower production capacity underlines the group’s considerable environmental credentials, and its commitment to preserving the natural environment in which its operations are located. In addition, En+ Group is actively investing in other low carbon and renewable sources of energy, and endeavors to uphold the highest standards possible where environmental conservation is concerned.

    En+ is committed to the concerted international effort of governments, businesses and individuals and non-governmental organizations to tackle climate change and safeguard the environment. Working to build sustainable cities is a key part of that effort.

    The group will bring its expertise in renewable energy to the partnership with The Climate Group, as well as working in the Siberian heartland to help develop innovative, energy-efficient and low carbon solutions for industry.

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