Ariane de Vienne

Board Member

Ariane de Vienne has longstanding experience and a deep network in the investment world, in the US, Europe and Asia. Prior to joining oekom research, Ms. de Vienne was a Managing Director at financial services and research firm Cornerstone Capital, charged with building the firm's ESG-integrated investment advisory business.

Having begun her banking career in Germany, Ms. de Vienne gained extensive experience with her own impact and ESG consulting businesses in Hong Kong and New York. Prior to that she was Managing Director at Guggenheim Investment Advisors LLC. and served as Senior Vice President at David J. Greene and Company as well as in several Managing Director roles at JPMorgan Chase.

In addition to her professional career, Ms. de Vienne is on the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations focusing on social impact investing as well as ecological issues, including the US Board of the The Climate Group. She is also a Senior Advisor to SustainAsia Ltd, Hong Kong, and an Ambassador to TBLI, a Dutch-based organization dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits and opportunities of impact investing.

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